About Us

Capt. Steven Brooks
is a licensed United States Coast Guard Master and Texas fishing guide, with more than 30 years of fly fishing experience.  Capt. Steve embarks from Luis' Bait Camp (Hwy 6 Hitchcock) or Jamail Bay Park (61st St. Galveston), guiding his home waters of West Galveston Bay.  
Visiting Houston?  West Bay is a short drive from the city, and easily accessed from I45.

Sight fishing for redfish in skinny water is the primary focus, but the prospect of a Grand Slam on the fly is always a welcome opportunity.

You will have access to Galveston Island's north shoreline, all of West Bay, and thousands of acres of shallow water marshes.  These areas are nurseries for the shrimp, crabs and baitfish that feed the variety of West Bay's gamefish.

Galveston fly fishing guide
speckled trout, speck
Galveston fly fishing for redfish
Into Backing started...
with a Texas Slam plus a few in an old johnboat.